Diamond In The Rough Photography

Matt 6:21 'For where your treasure is, there your heart will also be.'

Sometimes words just aren’t enough to describe that special event in your life; in fact some things only happen once in a lifetime . And what better way to make those events last forever than in the beautiful art of digital photography. At Diamond In The Rough Photography we treat every picture like the treasure that it is. We take the time to customize each photo to make it as live as it was the moment it was taken. Let us  capture your special moments ,and just like a diamond ,make them last forever.

Hello, my name is Lonnie White and being a husband, father and grandfather, I can tell you that there are moments in my life that I wished I could just freeze in a little jar and go back to them whenever I wanted to, no matter how much time has passed. Unfortunately, there are no real working time machines so we have to go with the next best thing; digital recordings of those special event, whether photos or video.

I think that everyone should have a photo journal of themselves; how else will the world know what a totally awesome person you are. Let us be a part of that. 




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